Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Was at a Local Car Meet When I Came across this 350z From The BRG Crew. Its Plasti dipped an Copper color on 3 Piece Rotiform TMB Wheels. At first Glance you notice the Supercharger poking out through the carbon fiber hood and you have to wonder who in their right mind would cut a Carbon fiber Hood. I Think it came out amazing and while we were pulling out of the parking lot you could just here his car scraping on everything. Takata Seat belt harness laying over Bride Seats and a Wood Grain NRG Steering wheel Complete the interior as Well as a Camber Gang Air Freshener its pretty cool To See a Galveston island Native Drive Such a Beautiful Car. Even Though this Shoot was a spur of the moment thing we still managed to get some good Video and Pictures Taken.

Low Life

Bride Seats & Takata Harness

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