Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hosted by Team Logik and The Houston Accord Group This Meet had A Really nice Turn out. parking lot was packed. Some nice Cars came out and the timing was perfect ending right after sunset.

Red s14

This S14 was Flawless! Even though the car has on a Set of Replica Wheels you can't Deny that its a clean car. We personally feel that replica wheels are great alternatives for daily wheels and of course you don't expect to win a show with them but you can pull up to your average car meet and still turn heads.

Miata Slammed

on Work Wheels this Miata definitely stands out in a crowd. semi ratted out look and the Bride Seats resting on a roll cage lets you know that this isn't the wife's car lol

Street Bike

A Group of bikers Showed up as well. What's more perfect than a burrito for a biker's pit stop.

slammed truck

We are in Texas Right. one of the best parts about the houston Car Scene is that you can see the best of all sides of the car scene pull up to the same meet.

Sexy Car Girl

When your Girlfriend loves your Car Almost More Than you Do. Bella and her Boyfriend's 4th Gen Eclipse.

e30 bmw

Clean E30 on some BBS wheels

Ivan Acura TL

ivan and his Acura TL "DirtyRiceStyle" lol. Love this Guy's Personality. Always fun to hang with him at a car meet.


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