Monday, January 28, 2013

Focused More on Video footage this time around but the Amature Qualifying Was Dope! Got To Ride along with Mark With Dip-Tex My 1st time on track and it was hella dope! Big props to the Drifters out there putting money and hardwork into their cars so that they could compete.

Mark's Car after a Wall Crash and a bent tie Rod. Drift hard or go Home

CRUSHED PLAY | Nevrslo AM Drift Series Final Event from Dexter Moon on Vimeo.

Video Footage!!!!

Mark From Dip-Tex in his Saturn Sky

Mark in his Cakeworks miata Sideways

Stance Autoworks Reviewing Some Footage

Rudy Took 1st place

Pier Uberti

mark From Dip-Tex The plasti-Dip Experts

the Pit Area

Spun out!

Jose From Dip-Tex in his Freshly plasti- Dipped Subaru

rudy after Hitting a Wall

Ross le took 2nd place in his 81 280zx

me Getting a Ride along

Pictures and Video Footage taken by Dexter Moon

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