Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pretty Epic Turn out. The Event said over 800+ and They did not lie. Cars Just Kept Rolling in Crew after crew. Had to enjoy the meet so I Put My Camera down. It was Awesome. The Rice Box Truck was out serving Food along with te Eatsie boys Truck and the 8th Wonder Brewery was pumping out Fresh brewed beer. Wekfest is Today So There Should Be More Pics and Video to Come

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I Was Honored to Receive a media pass to shoot the show. I have Gotten media passes before but this was my first Wekfest. As many of you know there is a heavy screening process and to even get your car entered is a big thing. Cars Came out From Kansas, Louisiana, Cali, Florida all over just to enter. Here are some shots of cars waiting to enter the George R Brown Shots of the Show and pretty soon I Should have a Pretty nice video uploaded.

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what the fitment

Status CC

ITBs on a Del Sol K Series

Squirrel Squad

Team Sunworks Bluebird

Camber Gang

Stanced Audi

Team S.o.S.

Acura NSX


Bagged TSX

Nissan Skyline

Chrome Audi With a Bike Rack

Stanced Ef hatch Akebono

Wekfest Houston

Sticker bomb

Honda Ruckus

Stanced Cadillac CTS Fat Catz

RWB Porche

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