Thursday, April 2, 2015


Houston Car Cruise

So I haven't been to a Car meet in a long while. Most of The Coverage I have been getting was from single cars in Small Instagram Features in a more intimate setting. If you ever Covered a meet before there is only so much available time that you have to shoot meet and greet and network it can get overwhelming at times and while this was my 1st meet back the one thing I Saw that I liked was that There were a lot of Stock Cars. Now you might have just read that and said to yourself What is he thinking? We want to See Fully modded cars but hear my point. When you can throw a Meet where a ton of people come and not all of them are car enthusiast its like introducing the people to a world they only see in movies and TV That they didn't know existed in their City. At first I Thoght it was a bad thing to have so many stock cars at an official Ricebowl Premeet but That's a look on the Bright side of it however I Wish it was more organized. a Stock car section and the modified cars in a Section.

sexy car girl

off in the VIP Section was this Wrapped Hyundai Genesis Coupe and as they (the owner & his Girlfriend) were cleaning the wheels I Snuck in a Few pictures. The car was Definitely an attention grabber and so was the girl LOL!

Coca Cola

This amazing beetle stood out with its Coca-Cola Vinyls and bright red paint job. love how he color match the side mirror shades. looks like he's representing a group on FB called Killerbugz

chrome audi

@dungstar always turns heads in his Audi. Chrome wrapped on airbag suspension with a custom sound system built into the hatch and of course TVs to go with it. Cant forget the clean S2000 in Front of it


This Bagged Infiniti is Super Clean.

VIP Civic

Don't Confuse This Honda Civic for Just Wheels and a Drop his interior is Flawless. Custom diamond stitched dark brown leather and window curtains and neck pillowa. I'm sure there is more but i just didn't get a chance to take a look.

yellow RSX

Loving the simplicity of this RSX. you don't have to go crazy to ride clean and turn a few heads. #ScrapeEverything

Porsche Rabbit

Porsche Wheels on The Volkswagen Rabbit.

Nice Booty

In "Super VIP" There was a lot of Expensive cars From Widebody BMW's Nissan GTR's Mercedes Coupes, Bently Coupes, lamborghini's ect.

Stanced Cressida

When your Bro Pulls up to the Meet Fly you have to Say whats up

So The Meet was From 7-10pm and the Movie Screening was from 10 until the end of the Movie a Great way to Celebrate a Pioneer in the Car Culture Paul Walker. I'm not sure if he knew How much his Presence in the Fast and Furious Movie Series Meant for Car Scenes nationwide but Houston will definitely Make sure we carry on his legacy. R.I.P. Paul Walker.

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