Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Was Honored to Receive a media pass to shoot the show. I have Gotten media passes before but this was my first Wekfest. As many of you know there is a heavy screening process and to even get your car entered is a big thing. Cars Came out From Kansas, Louisiana, Cali, Florida all over just to enter. Here are some shots of cars waiting to enter the George R Brown Shots of the Show and pretty soon I Should have a Pretty nice video uploaded.

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what the fitment

Status CC

ITBs on a Del Sol K Series

Squirrel Squad

Team Sunworks Bluebird

Camber Gang

Stanced Audi

Team S.o.S.

Acura NSX


Bagged TSX

Nissan Skyline

Chrome Audi With a Bike Rack

Stanced Ef hatch Akebono

Wekfest Houston

Sticker bomb

Honda Ruckus

Stanced Cadillac CTS Fat Catz

RWB Porche

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